Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OZONrelive Ozonated Olive Oils

Ancient remedy, with new technology 

Olive oil has been used for skin enhancements in various ways since times of ancient civilizations. It has always been considered as natural moisturizing, softening and smoothing agent for the skin. More recently, it was set aside by modern dermocosmetics because of being too fatty and greasy, not utilizable on daily basis, inability to spread widely on the skin and on face, poor absorption and inability to be sprayed. Things have changed recently since the olive oil has met with another natural product, a great friend of man and of well-being - the Ozone! Now the ozonated olive oil has solved this problem and made it possible to be used daily for our skincare needs and cosmetic enhancements.

Basically, in this line of dermacosmetics, Olive Oil plays role of moisturizing, nourishing & protecting, whereas active Oxygen accelerates the cellular metabolism and stimulates the cell renewal. This provides a platform to other natural additives to act in a better and naturally enhanced way.

Body Oil Classic

Body oil Classic is enriched with Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) and Vitamin E. Beside functions of olive oil and active oxygen, the body oil, due to presence of Melaleuca essential oil, which is traditionally considered powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, with anti-inflammatory healing effects and deodorants properties, carries all such properties. Vitamin E adds its powerful action against free radicals. Great dermacosmetic for adjuvant use in many skin conditions.

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Body Oil Plus

Body oil Plus is enriched with Calendula and Alpha Lipoic Acid as well as Vitamin E. Calendula, thanks to presence of carotenes, is traditionally used to protect skin from the onslaught of sunlight, thereby preventing premature aging. The Alpha-lipoic acid, the universal antioxidant, protects the skin, increasing the vitality of the tissues. Vitamin E adds its powerful action against free radicals. Great dermacosmetic for beauty enhancement and protection.

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