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Apricot Fruit, Kernel and Water from Ancient Glaciers of Hunza

It is said that the healthiest people in the world are the people Hunza! Undoubtedly Hunzakuts live more than 100 years, some reaching even 140th birthday! The cancer was non-existent before the construction of Karakoram Highway and even now its not common at all. Heart diseases and atherosclerosis are also not very common even today!

What is the secret of this health and longevity? Local people believe, its the water of Hunza and the Apricot.

Now a days many people are thinking of changing their eating habits to prevent health problems attacking their lives prematurely. For this the trend is to switch to organic, natural or wildcrafted food which has either no additional supplementation of chemical fertilizers or pesticides or grown organically or naturally.

The Apricot of Hunza is is one of the most important health food item which is helpful in preventing many health problems, especially the cancer. Many people may take apricot as a kind of common fruit like apples, oranges, etc. but it is not an ordinary fruit at all. And the apricots from Hunza are very very special as these come right from the heart of the Northern Areas of Pakistan - Hunza. Hunza is the area which is environmentally still pristine and pure; where apricot trees get water from millions of years old ancient glaciers of the Karakoram mountains.

One can consume apricot of Hunza in many forms. It can be eaten as dried fruit or as product like jams, juices, drinks from area where apricot trees grow wildly on the Hunza's glacial water.

Nutritionally the apricot of Hunza is very rich vitamins A, C, E, iron and potassium. It contains beta-carotene to the extent that 5-6 apricots would be enough for one's daily requirement of Vitamin A. Hunza apricots do not contain any fat and the carbohydrates content is also low.

Hunza apricot kernel is considered as very good anti-cancer agent. This is evidenced by the longevity and health of Hunzakut people. This is believed to be due to presence of what is called vitamin B17 (Amygdalin / laetril), special properties of the ancient Hunza glaciers and the soil of Hunza. Although US FDA has claimed that it is not true that B17 has anticancer properties, traditionally there is a lot of evidence available and more research is needed in this regards. Also, the FDA trials in which they 'tested' anti-cancer properties and summarily rejected apricot's anti-cancer properties were of very short period and primarily conducted on those who already had got cancer. Such trials lack credibility. Most importantly, the FDA trials were based on common apricots and not on the apricots grown in Hunza's and naturally irrigated on its ancient glacial waters having unique special properties. Therefore if people believe that Hunza apricot kernel prevents cancer, the assumption does carry a lot of weight and is proved traditionally. No incidence of cancer in Hunza when Hunzakuts liberally consumed apricots and its kernel is no less an evidence.

There are some other places in the world which resemble Hunza in environment and in other ways as well, but the only thing these differ from Hunza and its people is the diet of the Hunzakuts, especially their regular consumption of apricots with kernel and their glacial water.

Another best method of consuming apricots is in form of apricot juices or pulp mixed in water from Hunza. The water from the ancient glaciers of Hunza is considered to have very low surface tension which helps nutrients in the body to be broken in microclusters. This facilitates easy movement of these nutrients from extracellular fluid into the cell interior. This results in easy movement of nutrition into the cells. This does not happen when one drinks normal water. In case of normal water only about 10 percent of nutrients are made available by the internal environment to the body cells.

In nutshell, Hunza apricot kernel, apricot fruit and water from ancient glaciers of Hunza, are wonderful food supplements which helps people maintain optimum health, if consumed regularly.

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